It has already been revealed that William deVry is leaving "General Hospital" as Julian Jerome, but now he is speaking out and making it sound like there is a chance that he could return. Soap Hub shared what William had to say at a big fan event in LA.

William shares his future plans

Right now, William is working hard and going to auditions. He is taking his next step serious and really doesn't know where he is going to land, but it is obvious that he wants to stay in acting. As of right now, he hasn't even filmed anything in weeks due to contract negotiations.

He shared that he wants to come back to "General Hospital" if they can make it work, but he is also not confident it will work out considering how much he is auditioning now. He even said that he is on hold for a couple of things, so he may have a job coming. If deVry ends up getting picked up for another show, then that could end up making it where the contract negotiations don't' even really matter. He might not be able to come back at all.

Could he return to the show?

It turns out that it sounds like they are going to leave Julian Jerome's fate up in the air a bit. This way he could be gone for a long time or for a little bit of time. You have to remember that nobody is ever really dead on a soap opera because people always even come back from the dead.

He went on to say, "It’s unfortunate that the end of my contract came along (when it did) because Sonny’s trying to go out of the business. Really, the only person who can sympathize with him is Julian." Sonny and Julian could bond at this time, but that might not end up happening.

William deVry taped his last episode on the show on June 30, but they haven't revealed when his last air date will be just yet.

He is done filming, but the show is still airing episodes with him. It sounds like Julian Jerome's time on "General Hospital" is almost done at least for now. A source says that the deal he is working on right now could be a three-year contract. If they can get that to work out, then William deVry would be around for a while and that would really give Jereome plenty of time to extend his story line.

Are you surprised to hear that William deVry isn't against the idea of coming back to "General Hospital"? Do you feel like this could end up happening? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "General Hospital" on ABC on weekdays. Hopefully, news will come out soon about if William can work out his contract.