The rumors have been flying that William deVry might be leaving "General Hospital." Now it looks like this could be true as time comes around for contract negotiations. Soap Hub shared about the rumors and if Port Charles could really be done with Julian Jerome forever. This character is important to the show, but of course, the show would go on without him, or they could always put another actor in the role like they do all the time.

Why could William be leaving the show?

When it comes to contracts, William should be signing a new one within the next six months.

Now he has to decide if he wants to do it or not. He was asked about it recently and just didn't really want to share either way. He said, "You have to cross that bridge as the world unfolds before you — that’s all you can do in daytime." So William didn't say he was leaving "General Hospital" for sure, but he didn't say that Julian Jerome would be sticking around either.

The perfect time to get rid of Julian Jerome would have been to have him go to prison for all of the charges that have come up against him lately. Instead, he got off of all of those. They also could have killed him off recently when he was hit by a car, but they let him live to see another day. You never know what will happen with Julian though and he would be a pretty easy character to kill off or put in prison.

Julian Jerome is always in trouble for something and always has someone mad at him enough that they would kill him.

William is working on a few other things including a movie with his wife. This is called "Snapshots." It wouldn't be surprising if he decided to leave the show and work on other jobs or even move to another soap opera like so many stars have done over the years.

Only time will tell what William is going to do and the fans are just going to have to wait and see.

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