For the past couple of years, Disney has been on a roll in producing and releasing live-action movies from their impressive roster of well-loved animations. "Cinderella," "The Jungle Book," and "Beauty And The Beast" are just some of their live-action movies that have already hit the big screen. "Mulan" is also in the works and the latest animation given the green light for a live-action version is "Aladdin." The movie adaptation about a former street rat turned prince has ruffled some feathers of the fans as Disney revealed that they were having a hard time finalizing the cast because they still haven't found the perfect actor to play Aladdin.

As expected, fans took to social media to suggest and recommend some worthy actors who they think would be perfect to play Aladdin. It is a known fact that the titular character of the said animation is not Caucasian, so the recommendations featured mostly men from the Middle East, India and Indonesia. Hollywood is known to insist on casting Caucasian actors and actresses to play non-Caucasian characters. One concrete example of this is the movie "Ghost In The Shell," whose lead character is an Asian woman. However, in the big screen adaptation, Scarlett Johannson bagged the lead role.

Disney is almost finished with 'Alladin' casting

Currently, Disney is almost finished with casting Actors And Actresses to play the lead roles in "Aladdin" Live Action movie.

According to Variety, Naomi Scott will play Jasmine, Mena Massoud will play the titular character and Will Smith will be the voice of the famous Genie, who was previously voiced by Robin Willians.

Now that the lead characters have been chosen, the actor to play the role of the main villain, Jafar, remains to be selected. However, there seems to be a frontrunner among the possible actors to play the role of Jafar.

According to Variety, Marwan Kenzari is currently in talks with Disney but it remains to be confirmed if he will accept the role or not.

Pressure building up

The "Aladdin" live-Action Movie is facing a lot of pressure in terms of how it will perform at the box office. It's animated version was the highest grossing film of the year when it was released in 1992.

Aside from that, it also won an Oscar for best song and best score for "A Whole New World."

There is also excitement concerning who will be singing songs on the official soundtrack for the "Aladdin" live action movie. The release date for the movie adaptation remains to be announced.