Tomorrow is Molly Roloff's big day and the fans can't wait to see her wedding. Radar Online shared that Matt Roloff is now working really hard to get the farm ready for the big day. There were rumors that Molly wanted to get married somewhere else, but she is actually having her wedding at the farm. This is where she grew up and they have plenty of land for her wedding.

Details for Molly's big day

In December, Molly got engaged to Joel Silvius and shared the news with fans right away. Just one month later, Molly and Joel set up their big registry.

She had a big fun Bachelorette party along with her family and friends. It was at a winery and they danced into the night.

Matt shared that Molly Roloff personally picked out her favorite spot on the farm and where she wanted to have it at. He said it was Molly's favorite grove which is under a huge oak tree. Matt's job was to make the location work and he is doing a great job with that for his daughter.

Amy Roloff is bringing her boyfriend Chris Marek to the wedding and Matt Roloff will be bringing his girlfriend Caryn Chandler to the wedding as his date. Hopefully, these two can all get along, but the fans are ready to see how it goes. TLC usually films big events like this so you can assume that they will be there with the cameras and hopefully this wedding will air on an upcoming episode of "Little People, Big World" when it returns.

What has Matt Roloff been doing for the wedding?

Everyone has seen that Matt Roloff can make great things with wood. He shared a photo recently that shows that he made benches for Molly's wedding. They are nice big wooden benches for the big day. These are gorgeous and you could never even tell they weren't purchased at a store.

Matt Roloff also shared that the wild flower patch is coming up right in time for her big day. They have big plans to mow a path right down the middle that will go into the forest grove. This sounds like the perfect way for everyone to enter in for Molly's wedding. Matt also planted sunflowers in preparation for the wedding.

It looks like he made sure that the farm will be perfect for Molly's big day. She doesn't live near the farm, but getting married there just makes sense for her.

Are you excited that Molly Roloff is getting married at the Roloff farm? Do you feel like TLC will be there filming the big day? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "Little People, Big World" when it returns to TLC.