‘Counting On’ star Jill Duggar’s husband Derick Dillard is currently being lambasted on social media because of his comments on his fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings. He wrote that transgender is a myth or a false belief or idea and that gender is determined by God.

Derick Dillard accused of bullying in his Twitter comments

Following his tweet, people from the LGBT community and others from all walks of life lambasted the father of two. The comments are mostly hitting not only him and his wife but the whole Duggar family and their church.

One Twitter user wrote that Dillard picked a teenage girl to spew his hate.

He was called the lowest of the low. Another one wrote also that he should have vocal when his wife was molested by her brother. But some supporters insist that Jill Duggar’s husband’s opinion was true.

Derick Dillard when he said that a transgender is not real is telling the truth and his opinion is based on his belief. The Bible, which is his source of guidance, tells that God created only a man and a woman. After he was done with his creation as told in the Book of Genesis, God said that everything He created was good.

Transgenders are created by God but they are not created to transition and alter their inborn gender

When man which was created above the animals was found by God to be lonely being alone, God created woman to be his companion.

It was a perfect partnership. When Derick said that there were no transgenders created, he was right. Any abnormality in the gender is not of God because all His creations were perfect.

Transgenders are creations of science. The alterations in their natural or innate personalities are done by doctors. When He said that God ordained man’s gender and this is also true because God in His infinite power created a man different from a woman.

They were created for procreation.

Any imperfection in the created beings is not from God but from His enemy because His adversary wants to destroy everything he has made. Derick Dillard is not condemning o bullying Jazz Jennings. He was only pointing out that being a transgender is not the perfect will of God but His will is that the “I Am Jazz” star is born a male and he is recognized by God as such.

Jennings considered Derick Dillard's tweet a condemnation of her whole being. It can be noted she has been experiencing bullying on the Internet but she continues to tell her story. TLC, the network that airs "I Am Jazz" is also the same network that airs "Counting On" has stated that the company is not in any way accountable for the opinions of its stars particularly Derick Dillard's.