After more than a year of waiting, it is now confirmed that unrealseason 3 will definitely come. Although the exact release date of the television show’s new installment is not yet revealed, it is expected to come out in 2018.

Even though fans still have to wait a little more, Shiri Appleby, who plays the role of Rachel, teased what’s to come. In an interview with Collider, the 38-year-old star revealed little teasers about the series and what fans are about to see.

A darker theme

“The new season is actually really great!” Shiri Appleby told Collider about the coming “UnReal” Season 3.

She teased that the main theme of the new chapter is about a successful woman and her journey to find love.

“Can a woman in power attract a man?” the actress asked. Although the idea is vile, it seems a norm to tell a lady to put herself down to attract a man and not to emasculate him. From here, there is a big chance that they will be igniting a fun conversation.

Additionally, the drama television series is getting incredibly dark as it goes on. To recall, in the previous season finale, Rachel revealed that she had been raped. With that, the “Roswell” star revealed that her character is going to explore this case and find the root of her family situation. She then teased that they are going to unfold and carefully scrutinize the problem that will lead them to find more issues at the end of the new installment.

The pain of portraying Rachel’s role

In portraying her role as Rachel, Shiri Appleby admitted that she has “laid her guts” to play this character.

She went on to narrate that when she finished doing the show’s second season, she literally laid on her bed to heal herself. For her, it is quite exhausting to play the role of a woman who is always “tortured and tormented.” “She’s in such pain,” she said about Rachel.

In the next fourth season, Shiri Appleby requested executive producer Stacy Rukeyser if they can put her role in a better spot as she feels how excruciating it is to be her. The showrunner then told that the television show is really about the “fight for Rachel’s soul.” Thus, this might really what the world brings to her, but she promised that they will be back at it.

The ‘BiP’ scandal

Meanwhile, in a different interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shiri Appleby hinted that “UnReal” Season 4 might feature some themes of “Bachelor in Paradise” scandal.

She commented that it will be interesting to know what Stacy Rukeyser has in store for the fourth installment. Also, it is now intriguing if they will ever have a comment about the “BiP” fiasco, which started last June. "I feel like it's ripe for the storytelling," she believed.