Zack Snyder, the director of the much-awaited “Justice League” movie, has recently unveiled new images featuring the character of sea warrior Aquaman. The new images showed actor Jason Momoa, who was chosen for the role, Screen Rant reported.

According to the movie-oriented website, Snyder shared the new images of Momoa as Aquaman through Reddit, a community-based online page. The director said that it was among the final shots of the actor during the movie’s filming in the European country of Iceland. He captioned the image with, “Last shot of Jason Momoa in Iceland #JL.”

The director has recently passed on his duties to joss whedon, who earlier directed “Avengers.” The reason for leaving the directorial job was the need to attend to a family tragedy, Screen Rant added.

Justice League” is slated to hit cinemas worldwide in November 2017. The upcoming movie will feature DC Comics’ all-time favorite superheroes, such as Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Superman, and Aquaman. Viewers will see the return of the actors who reprised the characters in the previous stand-alone movies, such as Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot.

Joss Whedon as director

According to Screen Rant, Whedon took over the directorial duties when the movie was in the post-production phase. There were several speculations about which parts of the film were changed when he took over. It has been earlier reported that he will remove the scenes of villain Lex Luthor.

The website further suggested that some of the dialogues were changed, as well as the tone and the plot.

However, it added that it is unclear how much of Snyder’s work will be reflected in the final product. Fortunately, the images he shared on Aquaman’s shots with the directors were proofs that he would still have a major participation in the production of “Justice League.”

‘Aquaman’ stand-alone movie

Previous reports also revealed that an “Aquaman” stand-alone movie is in the works.

Willem Dafoe, one of the actors in the upcoming independent film, told Cinema Blend some details about the filming.

He shared that most of the scenes were shot underwater. He added that challenges were filming them because they needed to talk and move within ocean spaces. There were moments that actors were shot underwater, by they were dry, and effects needed to be present to give viewers the feeling that the scenes were indeed underwater, the website added.

Cinema Blend reported that Dafoe is slated to reprise the role of Aquaman’s advisor, Nudis Vulko. The new movie will hit theaters in December 2018, but Dafoe will appear as Vulko in the “Justice League” movie this November.