American singer-songwriter Chris Brown recently opened up about the night that he had the infamous fight with Barbadian singer Rihanna, and that reportedly made her upset. In a documentary, titled "Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life," Breezy went into details about the big fight that started when RiRi read a text message saying that he had a sexual encounter before they dated. The fight was tumultuous and left her battered and bruised. He said that it still haunts him and always will. She took legal action against him and obtained a restraining order.

His recent revelation reportedly didn’t impress her as it only reminded her of the terrible past that happened between them.

RiRi is upset

According to In Touch Weekly, a source said that Rihanna was “totally caught off-guard” by Breezy because he had told the world about that night when she was totally broken because of him. “She is really upset. She never thought he’d bring up this terrible part of their past like this,” the source said in the exclusive.

RiRi must be really disappointed about it especially as she has moved on from him and is now happy with her new love interest Hassan Jameel. She just started dating the Saudi Arabian billionaire but a source recently spoke to Hollywood Life, saying that they are already talking about settling down and having babies.

The revelation

The night that Rihanna and Chris Brown had the huge fight, Breezy said that RiRi got mad over the text message that he received from a woman and threw his phone away from him. He added that she tried to kick him as she was upset but as a response, he hit her back by punching her with a “closed fist” that busted her lip.

Chris went on to say that it’s haunting him to this date and he knows that what he did was terrible. He further said that he did plan on marrying her but then he lost her trust after he lied to her.

Breezy wants RiRi back

Recently, a source told Hollywood Life that Chris Brown has been asking their friends about Rihanna and what she’s up to.

It is said that he wants to know whether he can give it another shot with her although she’s now dating Hassan Jameel. However, according to the source, RiRi’s family won’t like it if she gives him another chance. Apparently, they had a tumultuous history and they’re afraid it might happen again.

After all, Rihanna is now happy with Hassan Jameel, who she said is treating her "like a queen." In fact, the new couple is reportedly talking about starting their own family. We all hope that they last forever. What do you think?