If you’re a child of the 90s, or really love your Netflix subscription, you probably grew up watching the WB network and shows like “Dawson’s Creek,” or even “Supernatural,” which is the last remaining series from the network still running on the CW. There’s another show with a shorter lifespan though that had a loyal following -- “Roswell” -- and those fans could be in for a reunion from two of their favorite actors.

The story behind ‘Roswell’

The series, set in the New Mexico town known for alien sightings, but filmed in a small town in California, followed a group of teenagers, some of them human, some of them not, as they lived right in the middle of an alien conspiracy.

An alien-human hybrid saved a human teenage girl when she was shot in the first episode, kicking off the events of the series as they struggled to keep one another safe from authorities and fell in love.

Amongst those teens were actors like Shiri Appleby (“UnREAL”), Katherine Heigl (“Grey’s Anatomy”), and Colin Hanks (“Life in Pieces”). Most of the actors involved got their big break on the show, like Brendan Fehr (“The Night Shift”) and Majandra Delfino (“Friends With Better Lives”).

The duo played Michael Guerin and Maria Deluca. He was an alien and she was a human, and they were only thrown together because their two best friends were the ones who put events in motion. Of course, as polar opposites, the two had great chemistry and eventually became the fan favorite pairing to watch.

Now, the former co-stars are out to reunite in a new project, and they’re using that “Roswell” fan base to make it happen.

Meet Baron and Toluca

Baron and Toluca” is a science fiction series from the two that would see them starring as exes in New Mexico. Seemingly inspired by their “Roswell” days, Baron and Toluca are a mismatched pair who meet up in New Mexico, but that’s not all.

In order to survive this sci-fi story, they’ll have to work together -- if they don’t kill one another first.

It’s no coincidence that those two character names sound like the last names of their “Roswell” characters either as you’ll be able to spot plenty of shout-outs to their former series in the promo they filmed to get fans interested.

Using the 'Roswell' method

"Roswell" fans will notice more than the similarity of names and antagonistic relationship between the two characters in that promo video. In addition to the two being on the road just outside of Roswell, New Mexico, they’re on Highway 285 South, which leant its name to the title of an episode of the series in 1999. Delfino is also driving a Volkswagon Jetta, just like her character on the show did 17 years ago. She even jokes about abducting Fehr’s character instead of kidnapping him, just as she accused his character of doing to her in the same “Roswell” episode. That’s not where the show similarities stop, either.

The duo are asking fans who loved them in “Roswell” to get behind their campaign to get the series noticed by Netflix in the same way fans who stopped WB from canceling the show did.

While “Roswell” fans sent jars of hot sauce to WB studios in 2000, a staple in the alien diet, to keep the show on the air, Delfino and Fehr are now asking fans to send tea bags and honey to the Netflix offices along with pleas to get the streaming site to notice the show.

They’ve also organized Saturday night social media campaigns to get people talking, and have been doing so since July.

A small number of fans have been with them since the beginning, but with the release of their promotional video and a glimpse at what the show could be, surely they’ll be picking up steam. We’ll all have to keep an eye out to see if “Baron and Toluca” gets a Netflix slot.