The Weeknd has been collaborating with the sneaker company Puma for a year now and the partners recently released their line of shoes. The sneakers were co-designed by The Weeknd and the company and the singer were eager to see the finished product hit the shelves. The Weeknd has opened up about the process of creating the sneakers and revealed his hopes for the product.

The Weeknd announced his collaboration with Puma a few months ago

According to Hot New Hip Hop, the singer The Weeknd announced that he was going to be collaborating with Puma the sneaker company a few months back.

The singer recently opened up about his collaboration with the company and the process of making the design for the shoes.

The Weeknd revealed that this project has been going on for quite some time and has stated that he has been working with Puma for a year now. He claims that everyone is excited about the launch of the Puma Parallel and that the team was eager to get them out into the market.

He stated that he was initially nervous at first when he was going about designing the sneakers. However, the singer has claimed that when he got to hold the finished product in his hands that he immediately fell in love with them and hopes that the public will also like the shoes.

The Weeknd stated that he hopes to see everyone walking down the street wearing the Puma Parallel.

The singer has claimed that he wants to see men and women wearing and that he only hopes that people fall in love with the product as much as he did when he was making it.

The Puma Parallel

According to Sneaker News, the new sneakers have been released on 24 August and their name has been confirmed as Puma Parallel. The shoes are selling for the price of $220 and fans are already lining up to get their sneakers.

The Weeknd has stated that he drew inspiration from military style boots and high-top basketball shoes for his first collaboration with Puma.

The color of the Puma Parallel shoes have been confirmed as white and they have been manufactured out of white leather, which was sourced from Italy. The sneakers have a thick sole and also have Puma's Ignite foam in their interior The shoes will be available for purchase globally and it has been confirmed that an olive color of the shoe will be released shortly after the sneakers initial drop.

Images of the Puma Parallel shoes can be found online and fans of The Weeknd and Puma can buy order them online. The exact date for the release of the olive colored shoes has not been confirmed but the company has stated that it will not be too long before they are available for purchase also.

The Weeknd is extremely proud of his creation and one can be sure this is not the last time that he will be collaborating with Puma.