Camila Cabello has recently opened up about her perceptions of friendships in an interview with Flaunt Magazine. The singer talked about friendships in general and did not mention anyone specifically in her interview. Cabello also talked about romantic relationships and has claimed that she wants to gain more experience in this area of her life.

Camila opens up about her feelings about friendships

According to Hello Giggles, singer Camila Cabello has recently come forward with claims that she believes friendship breakups are worse than romantic ones.

The singer stated that when it comes to romantic relationships one always has an expectation that they are going to end. She explains that romantic relationships are fun and exciting but that people have many different romantic relationships throughout their life.

Cabello has claimed that things are different when it comes to relationships between friends. She has stated that when it comes to friends one always assumes that the friendship is going to last forever. In an interview with Flaunt, the singer explained that friends start to become a part of one's family and that it is a huge shock when friendships come to an abrupt end.

Camila went on to claim that she wants to gain more experience when it comes to romantic relationships.

The singer did not refer to her former band members in "Fifth Harmony" when talking about friendship breakups but fans are assuming that this is what she is referring to.

The singer has not been on good terms with the girls of "Fifth Harmony" ever since she left to pursue her own solo career. Things ended badly between the band and the girls have since stated that they are much happier and productive in Camila Cabello's absence.

The singer's new song is about friendships

According to Just Jared, Camila Cabello's new song titled "I Have Questions" deals with the topic of friendships. The singer has stated that the song has helped her through the pain of losing some of her close friends and fans are convinced that she is talking about the girls of "Fifth Harmony."

Camila has not confirmed that the song is about her friendship with her former band members but fans are assuming that this is the singer's way of reaching out to her former girl band.

It has been confirmed that the song features intense lyrics such as Camila calling out to her friends who are no longer there.

Cabello's new song is due to be released in May of the next year 2018 so fans will have to wait for the New Year to ring in before they can hear Camila's latest track.