Stephen King is enjoying a series of adaptations of his novels and stories recently and the latest announcement relates to the adaptation of his 131-page novella of the same name, “1922.” Netflix has officially announced a premiere date for the film adaptation of October 20, just in time for Halloween.

Thomas Jane to star in Netflix's adaptation of '1922'

Set appropriately in the year 1922, Thomas Jane (“The Expanse, “The Mist”) plays the lead role of rancher Wilfred James. In the story, James, along with his teenage son, Henry (played by Dylan Schmid of “Once Upon a Time”) brutally kills his wife, Arlette (played by Molly Parker, “House of Cards”).

This was after she decides she has had enough of farm life and wants to return to the city. For many reasons, James cannot allow this to happen, so he decides to murder her, convincing his son to help him.

As reported by Flickering Myth, this turns out to be a huge mistake for the errant farmer as despite his attempts to move on after the murder, things just keep getting worse for James. According to the synopsis, after James buries his wife’s body, rats begin to terrorize him, leading his life to completely unravel while he believes his wife is haunting him.

Other stars in adaptation of Stephen King's '1922'

According to a report by Screen Rant, other stars in the Netflix adaptation include Kaitlyn Bernard as Shannon, Henry’s pregnant girlfriend, and her father Harlan is played by Neal McDonough of “Arrow.”

This latest adaptation will be Netflix’s second attempt at King’s work, with the upcoming “Gerald’s Game” set to premiere in September.

For those who have not yet read the original story “1922” it can be found in the 2010 story collection “Full Dark, No Stars.” Of interest to note, this will be the third of four stories in that book to be adapted to film.

“Big Driver” and “A Good Marriage” were both adapted to movies back in 2014. “Big Driver” premiered on Lifetime, while “A Good Marriage” hit the big screen in theaters.

Recent adaptations of Stephen King's novels and stories

Other recent King adaptations include the movie “The Dark Tower” as well as the much anticipated “It” clown horror coming to the big screen on September 8. Fans are currently enjoying the Audience Network series version of “Mr. Mercedes”, while Spike is currently airing the latest TV adaptation of “The Mist.”

Speaking of the latter, Jane’s original movie version of the story is considered to be much better, and closer to King’s storyline. Jane also starred in the 2003 film adaptation of “Dreamcatcher,” which, while it didn’t do justice to the original King novel, was certainly well played by the actor himself.