The Weeknd, 27, paid $ 20 millions for a marvellous mansion located in Hidden Hills, Los Angeles. The singer will live near his girlfriend Selena Gomez, 24, with whom he has been dating for six months. Due to his artistic activity, the prestigious musician spends a lot of time in the United States, so he thought convenient to buy a property here. The Weeknd now has a mansion so fabulous that he will want to spend the whole week here. The artist is living a great professional moment since his music is considered sophisticated and original.

A fabulous mansion

The Weeknd's new home is a fabulous mansion that could be anyone's dream. The property was built in 2016 and also has a guest house. The mansion has eleven bathrooms, nine bedrooms, a huge swimming pool, a gym, a movie theater, and a recording studio. All the rooms of the house are spacious and have several natural light incomes, which makes it a warm and harmonious home. With respect to its decoration, the house predominates the details of wood that give an elegant aspect. The Weeknd bought this mansion to be closer to Selena and to be able to strengthen their relationship. They will not live together yet, as it is to early for that.

The Weeknd & Selena Gomez: a couple with a future

Selena Gomez is living a fairy tale with The Weeknd, as their relationship seems to get better every day. The pop star and her prince charming strive to make their romance work, despite the intense work they both have. The Weeknd is on an international tour, presenting his latest album "Starboy".

The singer has been in over thirty countries, where his concerts have been very successful. Selena was with him in many cities, supporting her boyfriend in everything he does. Many believe that the pop star follows The Weeknd wherever he goes because she is very jealous and afraid to lose him.

Selena and her boyfriend might be doing a song together called "In her element", produced by Max Martin.

So far, no one has confirmed or denied this version, so fans should keep waiting for that song. The beautiful pop star is working as an executive producer in the second season of "13 Reasons Why", the most successful series of the year. In this second part of the story will be solved all the unknowns left by the first season. The series was questioned for apologizing of the suicide, according to some critics. Selena said that the producers only wanted to be faithful to the original novel, written by Jay Asher.