After seven seasons, “The Walking Dead” will finally air its 100th episode during the premiere of Season 8. This is a success that all the cast and crew members refused to miss out on. A video has been released on The Walking Dead’s Facebook page where the actors, or should we say, the remaining living characters, have emerged to commemorate the event in a compilation of their clips.

Cast and crew celebrate the success of ‘The Walking Dead’

Many of the actors involved appeared in the video to send a message to loyal fans. Norman Reedus, along with Melissa McBride – who was hiding behind him for humorous reasons – thanked fans.

He said he was feeling “unreal” with their achievement and said, “We will keep trying to make a cool show for you guys out here in the heat… Anyway, we love you.”

Reedus did it right but lead actor Andrew Lincoln did it great. His own way of speaking to fans started out like a long-running commercial, leaning sideways on a tree saying, “We’re in the hundreds now, ladies and gentlemen. And I would like to thank you all for being a part of this journey with me and my fellow survivors.” while his natural British accent blends with it. It may be serious or a joke but it sure made some fans smile when he added, “My knees hurt, I have gone gray”.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 looks promising

Some of the characters who were supposed to be temporary cast additions were lucky enough to be part of the 100th episode.

It is sad not to see some of those who left but the show is promising a better season with more killings and action.

The TV series and the comics have garnered millions of fans, many who dress up like their favorite characters or as zombies and many others who make jokes about the terrible things that happened in the show as a way of coping.

Even former actors make a joke about it and it doesn’t seem to end soon since a new TV show will be on and it is called “Chasing Coral”.

Although the Netflix documentary is absolutely unrelated to the zombie show, we can never forget how Rick Grimes called his son “Coral” multiple times thanks to his unnatural accent. One of those instances would be the scene where Carl’s mother dies off screen and Rick comforts his son.

(It was not funny at that time, but that was Season 3)

Former co-star James Allen McCune brought up the joke again, by tweeting a billboard sign of the show, meant for Chandler Riggs and the young actor replies with the tweet “kill me”. Be careful what you wish for Coral.

The Walking Dead” Season 8 will be back on October 22 starring Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and more.