Aaron Carter, the 29-year old singer, was reported to have broken up with his girlfriend, Madison Parker. Following the recent drug possession incident which involved Carter several weeks ago, a representative has told Entertainment Tonight that the former couple has finally decided to separate ways. Their break up news has been confirmed on Sunday, and it has been learned that both parties have respected each other's decision.

As per source, the split was very much sudden. However, it was also believed that the young singer now wanted to focus his time on his career, his health, and his music.

Furthermore, the said split was also believed to be a mutual decision, and the singer has even released his personal statement about the matter.

Marriage plans turned split

Amid the previous news which involved Carter with drug possession, it can also be recalled that the singer has also mentioned about his plans of proposing to his girlfriend and being married to her at the same time. However, as their break up news broke online, everyone was saddened after learning that their supposed to be marriage plans have turned into nothing.

On the other hand, Parker was also very open about having babies with Carter very soon. Nevertheless, it seemed that things hadn't worked well for each other lately.

Hence, their mutual decision of going into separate ways has definitely shocked all their fans and followers.

Sexuality issues

Amid the breakup news, Carter had also left his followers in awe when he opened up on Twitter about his sexuality. He apparently revealed that when he was 13-year old, he already found both boys and girls attractive.

Apparently, his sexuality could have been one of the reasons for the couple to call it quits. On his recent statement, Carter has further revealed that he has been weighing things off, and he has been carrying all these burdens for quite a long time, but he felt no shame about it.

Further, he also revealed that he found men attractive following all those relationships he had with girls.

Perhaps, his latest revelation has left his fans surprised and shocked. Meanwhile, Carter has also mentioned about growing up in the music industry and most probably, his environment has contributed a lot to what he feels right now.

Amid the sexuality news, the young singer is yet to confirm or give further comments about it. Nevertheless, his fans are still looking forward to him to find peace and happiness amid the controversy.