John Bernecker is a New Orleans native that works as a stuntman on the set of "The Walking Dead". Yesterday he was injured in an accident during filming.

What happened?

The cast and crew of the hit AMC show, "The Walking Dead" are currently on set in Georgia filming Season 8. While working on Episode 6, John Bernecker fell from a height of about 30 feet, landing head-first on a concrete floor. He was medivacked to Atlanta Medical Center, where he remains in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

There have been no official statements made on how he is doing but his girlfriend has taken to Facebook.

Jennifer Cocker said that he should be treated by every doctor and neurosurgeon until one of them "sees the life in him" that they all know is there. This sure makes the prognosis sound bleak. Not only does it sound like he has not regained consciousness, but that the physicians are doubting his recovery.

According to the "Hollywood Reporter", Bernecker has been in several shows including "Black Panther," "Legacy," and "Get Out." He is believed to be in his early 30's but even that is hard to confirm at the moment.

Second loss during Season 8 filming.

The eighth season of "The Walking Dead" seems to be off to a rough start. The voice of the commercials for the series was Randy Schell. He died in a freak accident while skydiving over the weekend.

He pulled the chord for his parachute and it opened but he collided mid-air with another skydiver. Schell's skydiving partner survived the scary situation, but the voice actor from "The Walking Dead" fell to his death. His funeral was scheduled for yesterday, the same day as John Beckner's accident.

"The Walking Dead" has extremely loyal fans.

They remain very involved with the show by participating in fan groups across social media. With the news of one of the beloved show's stuntmen having such a terrible accident on set, fans will be taking to social media to send support just as they did over the weekend for Robert Schell. The outpouring from the fans was heartwarming as they offered well-wishes for both the cast and crew, as well as Schell's family and friends.

The cast and crew of "The Walking Dead" have repeatedly said they are like family. As they continue to film Season 8, they have to be feeling nervous and scared for their friend. The entire crew could use the support of fans as everyone waits for word on how Beckner is doing.

As news becomes available on John Beckner's accident, "Blasting News" will keep you posted. Check back to stay on top of the breaking story.