For a while there, it seemed like “Destiny 2's” first Prestige Raid was fairly accomplished by Clan Redeem at one hour and six minutes. It is an important milestone in the game’s history, but with Sweatcicle (member of Clan Redeem) using a glitch during the play-through (allegedly), will Bungie allow them to hold the title for long?

On October 18 at 10 AM, Bungie went live with the Prestige raid in “Destiny 2”. Teams across the world participated in the challenge, with the hopes of gaining the best rewards. After playing for an hour and 6 minutes, Clan Redeem defeated the raid successfully.

Clan Redeem reaches Prestige Raid in ‘Destiny 2’

“Destiny 2” players Sweatcicle, Ehroar, I Indica I, Modern Tryhard, Gladd, and Senior Snubby were congratulated by Bungie via Twitter, “Congratulations to Clan Redeem for being World First to complete the Prestige Raid… by a margin of only four minutes! Good Game.”

After the success, a cut from a livestream video started circulating on social media. In the short clip, Sweatcicle stated, “I am coil glitching.” According to Polygon, this kind of exploit glitch can refuel power weapons at once. So far, Bungie has yet to comment on its authenticity.

What happened during the game?

On the other hand, Clan Redeem did have a good record, ever since the original Destiny’s Wrath of the Machine Raid.

At that time, they had different members: FleshCrunch, PvT Nuclear, MagneticRubber, Snead, Modern Tryhard (returnee) and Ehroar (returnee). Their record stood at two hours, an accomplishment they soon replaced by only using an hour, in Prestige Raid.

Before Prestige Raid went live, the developers also encountered another exploit which caused the delay of the raid.

With the extra time they had, it looked like the game was in its best condition (new Iron Banner event) when it went live.

Weeks ago, devs at Bungie announced the Pyramidion Nightfall, and it received positive reviews so far. Unfortunately, this week, some players were unable to meet their standards due to some issues with the Exodus Crash.

Because of this, the week’s Nightfall Strike has been replaced. Some players can proceed to the Nightfall version of Pyramidion instead, as they can dig deeper into the game’s new modifiers: Torrent and Timewarp: Zero Hour.

Supposedly, this week will revolve around Exodus Crash. "Timewarp: Rings and Prism" are its active modifiers. But for now, the avid players of Destiny 2 will have to wait on what the next reset will be about.