While the season starting has opened the gates for NBA teams to win their way to a championship, three-time MVP LeBron James is up for another task; to live for a higher cause.

When you have already accomplished a lot at 32, like Lebron James, fans might also contemplate on what to do next. James recently opened up to GQ Magazine about Trump and basketball, noting that sports should not be used as a tool to divide the people.

Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James shares his opinions about NBA

One big contributor to Donald Trump’s win for the presidency was James’ state of Ohio.

When asked about this, he said that people might not know who he is because of the success of James in the basketball ring, which gave the NBA player a lot of fans from his state.

James also believes that the dedicated fans of each NBA players will go back to their daily routine after each game. This is the reason why he believes that sports should not separate the citizens at all despite having different opinions.

LeBron James talks about Donald Trump

“My state definitely voted for [United States President] Donald Trump, the state that I grew up in,” he continued. “And I think I can sit here and say that I have a lot of fans in that state, too. It is unfortunate." For a while now, James has been speaking about social issues, clarifying that he is not in favor of the current U.S.


GQ also asked about his future in basketball, and if he plans to retire anytime soon. So far, the NBA player just said that he does not exactly know when. Teaching and fouling his son in basketball might come first.

As he is one of the most influential athletes, James is usually compared to Muhammad Ali because of his choices when it comes to calling out Trump.

James also believed that Ali continues to inspire people, as he helped the country achieve what it is now.

“I do not know what it is like to live in every state in this country, but I know freedom,” the King adds. James also revealed that he knows how successful the United States is and how much it helped the people living in it, which is why he is hoping that it would remain peaceful.

The MVP player has been inspiring a lot of his fans with his opinions about sports and social issues.

In the end, Lebron James is using his influence as a tool in doing something for a higher cause, and this is probably not the last time we will hear him comment about it. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why many people support him.