With “The FlashSeason 4 already in production in Canada, set photos are bound to get leaked online. Recently, a couple of fans shared images of Danielle Panabaker dressed as Killer Frost. Her costume teased the appearance of the evil metahuman in the new season.

Season 3 recap

We know that Killer Frost is bound to appear some time in “The Flash” Season 4 given the events in the Season 3 Finale. Caitlin did not take the anti metahuman cure Julian made for her. Instead, she decided to let Killer Frost continue to exist since, in a way, she can already control her doppelganger.

We thought that was the last time we would see Caitlin’s rogue persona, since she made it sound like she would never bring the villain back again. She told Barry, Cisco and Julian that she has to leave the team to figure out who she is since she is no longer Killer Frost or Caitlin Snow. Likewise, we did not see the rogue in the Season 4 trailer. We only saw Dr. Snow (dressed as her doppelganger?).

First look at Killer Frost in 'The Flash' Season 4

However, Danielle Panabaker confirmed in previous interviews that she will once again play both characters in the new season. Moreover, photos from the filming of “The Flash” Season 4 in Canada confirmed the villain will return. A fan shared his photo with Panabaker in her Killer Frost makeup during filming at the Pacific Central Station in Vancouver.

A few days before that another fan shared a shot of the rogue standing in the middle of a deserted road.

According to Buddy TV, the actress mostly donned on her Killer Frost costume while shooting scenes across Vancouver this week.

She reportedly filmed scenes for Episode 5.

A popular theory is that Season 4 will show Killer Frost from a different Earth. This would explain why the person we see in the trailer is being friendly with Team Flash. She even works with Cisco to bring The Flash back.

What happens in 'The Flash' Season 4 Episode 5?

Episode 5 is called “Girl’s Night Out.” Details on what happens during this episode remain under wrap.

However, the title is very self-explanatory, It is safe to assume that in this episode, we will see Iris and Caitlin have a fun night out in Central City without the boys. However, why is Killer Frost in this episode? Does something happen to provoke Caitlin’s doppelganger? Perhaps the girls run into some serious trouble and since she is the only one with powers, Caitlin has no choice but to bring out her alter ego for protection. Regardless, “Girl’s Night Out” is sure to be a memorable episode. Danielle Panabaker vouched for it on her tweet.