A different Barry Allen returns when “The FlashSeason 4 opens. Leaked set photos and the trailer confirmed the appearance of a different version of the scarlet speedster.

Future Barry Allen arrives to save the day

The trailer released during the recent San Diego Comic Convention revealed the return of Barry from 2024. Fans may remember the character from Season 3 Episode 19 when The Flash traveled to the future to learn the identity of Savitar. There he met future versions of his friends at S.T.A.R. Labs. He also met his future self. In this episode titled “The Once and Future Flash,” present and future Barry worked together to defeat Top and Mirror Master.

Well, it seems this is not the last time that we will see 2024 Barry. The trailer may have confirmed his return in “The Flash” Season 4. The preview hints Team Flash brings him back and into the present. Cisco and Caitlin seem to have found a way to lure him out from the future using what appears to be Captain Cold’s weapon, the Cold Gun, which Cisco says he has made some modifications. The scarlet speedster appears at the end of the preview. LIkewise, YVR Shoots shared a photo of Grant Gustin dressed as the speedster from the future.

What brings 2024 Barry to present Central City?

There is a new threat in Central City who is no match for Vibe and Kid Flash, someone they cannot defeat.

The Season 4 trailer reveals the appearance of a Samuroid.

The villain demands to see The Flash or else he will bring destruction to the city. This is probably the reason why the team decides to bring 2024 Barry Allen to the present, to keep the people of Central City safe. Of course, Iris West is against the idea of seeing another version of the speedster.

After all, she is still trying to come to terms with the disappearance of her fiancé.

In DC “The Flash” comics, the Samuroids were a creation of Baron Katana. He built them as revenge after World War II. They are robotic samurai warriors equipped with jet packs, electrified swords, and an indestructible armor. The sword is clearly more powerful than Cisco and Wally West’s powers combined.

When does 2024 Barry Allen appear in “The Flash” Season 4?

The Samuroid supposedly appears in Episode 1, “The Flash Reborn.” Photos from the first day of filming in Canada revealed his appearance on the set. If the villain appears in the premiere then it is likely that Barry from the future also appears in Episode 1. Likewise, old villain Peek-a-Boo (Britne Olford) returns with 2024 Barry when the new season opens.