While “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is still months away, there is enough to keep fans hooked on the upcoming film that will see Mark Hamill reprising his iconic role as Luke Skywalker. The 65-year-old actor is coming back to the franchise, but he was reluctant to return initially. He recently revealed the reasons that made him say yes to the movie.

Hamill hesitant to play Luke Skywalker

Mark Hamill was not willing to play Luke Skywalker in the latest movie installments as he felt that the original trilogy satisfactorily completed the story. It had a proper beginning, middle, and the end and thus finished with appropriate closure.

Hamill had to find reasons to return to the film, and he did so by comparing his character in the franchise to that of another character from another franchise.

He compared Luke to James Bond and got the inspiration to play the role again, but he did admit that it was terrifying to make a comeback. He knew that the story had taken a different turn and his character was not pivotal as the Star Wars universe expanded. Nevertheless, he needed to know where Luke stood as well as his backstory. So, he did a backstory on his own to make sense of Luke’s place in the film. What director Rian Johnson came up with surprised him beyond his imagination, and he was left stunned.

'Science and Star Wars' trailer out

In the meantime, fans of "Star Wars" have something new that will build even more excitement for the upcoming movie. Disney has released the trailer of a Web Series called “Science and Star Wars” and announced that it will debut in September. The trailer features Ashley Eckstein and Anthony Daniels, known for their roles as Ahsoka Tano and C3PO, respectively.

Apart from them, the series will also have scientists and researchers who will talk about the Star Wars props and how they are very close to reality with all the advancements being made in science and technology.

The series has been sponsored by IBM and will see Anthony Carboni as the presenter. This is truly some exciting news for fans, and if they remember, Discovery Channel had taken a similar step by creating a documentary miniseries called “Science of Star Wars” in 2005.

It also focused on the various fantastical elements of the Star Wars universe and dissected them from a scientific angle. Twelve years have passed since the documentary aired and it will be interesting to watch this new web series whose exact premiere date is expected to be announced soon.