When “The FlashSeason 4 opens, Iris and Wally West are in the most important role of their lives. Following Barry Allen’s disappearance, they have to step up and become leaders—Iris commands S.T.A.R. Labs and Wally as the superhero in Central City.

Jesse Martin talks about Iris and Wally’s fate when the series opens with Episode 1, “The Flash Reborn.” When Season 4's first show begins, six months have already passed since Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) sacrificed himself in the Speed Force in the Season 3 Finale. His absence weighs heavily on his friends.

It leaves them reeling and not knowing what to do. Obviously, everyone is devastated.

What worries Joe following Barry Allen’s absence?

Martin says that his character, Joe West, is mainly concerned about his children. Joe is very concerned with how Iris is taking the loss of her fiancé. Then there is Wally aka Kid Flash, who has to step up and be the scarlet speedster. Martin says that in “The Flash” Season 4, the metahumans still exist so, despite Barry’s absence, they still have to keep up appearances and keep Central City safe. As for Joe, Martin says that he is “doing a lot of emotional repairing at the start.” This is understandable since he treated Barry as his real son.

How Barry's absence affects Iris and Wally?

If there is any good that Barry’s absence brings, it is that Wally and Iris learn to step up. Martin says that they become leaders in their way. Iris starts to call the shots for the team in S.T.A.R. Labs. Perhaps this is her way of coping with the loss of her fiancé. As for Wally aka Kid Flash, he assumes the role of Central City’s superhero.

“Joe gets really proud to see Wally step up and actually be the superhero that he always wanted to be,” Martin tells Fansided. Despite his concerns for his children, Joe is also proud of what they have become in Barry’s absence.

What happens in “The Flash” Season 4 Episode 1?

A new threat greets the team when the series returns this October.

The trailer shows what appears to be a Samuroid threaten to destroy Central City if "The Flash" does not appear. The team has to think fast and find a way to bring back their friend if they want to keep the city intact. Cisco finds a way to bring the speedster back, but speculations are rife that this version of the scarlet speedster is from the year 2024. After all, the present Barry Allen is still in the Speed Force when “The Flash Reborn” opens. Iris’ reaction when he learns of Cisco’s plan to bring back "The Flash" fuels this theory. She does not look excited to see Barry again and does not seem to like Cisco’s plan (see 1:31 mark in the trailer below).