Grant Gustin talked about the changes his character will undergo when he returns in “The Flash” Season 4. The actor teased a different Barry Allen and talked about how his performance affects Team Flash.

According to Comicbook Resources, Gustin dropped some hints about Barry’s fate in the upcoming season during an interview at the recent San Diego Comic Convention. He talked about how the scarlet speedster is different when he returns to Earth 1 Central City. Gustin said Barry’s experiences in the Speed Force have changed him. It gave him an awakening since he was able to relieve his “entire life from start to finish again and again.”

Gustin added that when Barry comes out of the Speed Force, he has an "understanding of things that he's never done before." The speedster has also been able to let go of a lot of things.

When Season 4 opens, the Barry that returns to Central City is not really himself.

How Barry’s experience in the Speed Force changed him?

When “The FlashSeason 4 opens, six months have already passed since Barry sacrificed himself in the Speed Force to save Central City. To recap, in the Season 3 Finale, he realized that the only way to save the city from the unbalanced Speed Force was to go inside it. Barry decided to sacrifice himself as redemption for all the trouble he created when he meddled with the timeline.

Fast forward after six months, Barry returns home a different person. Gustin said that at first, it is not Barry who comes out of the Speed Force. The scarlet speedster has changed because of his experiences in the Speed Force.

Gustin said that Barry had to experience things over again in a condensed amount of time and this left him “confused and jumbled.”

However, on the positive side, it also made Barry wiser than he has ever been before. Gustin said that fans will see a decisive Barry Allen in Season 4 and someone who appreciates his powers even more.

How Team Flash reacts to the different Barry Allen in “The Flash” Season 4?

Gustin said that the scarlet speedster’s friends at S.T.A.R. Labs would have to adjust to the new Barry Allen. They would have to adapt to his new wisdom and learn to forgive him for the decision he made in the Season 3 Finale. They would have to find a way to understand why he had to leave them suddenly without consulting them first. Barry even left his fiancée Iris West behind not thinking how it would affect her and their relationship.