Rumors have been circulating about an affair between Katie Price and DJ Tom Zanetti, and it appears that Price's husband believes that she has cheated. Kieran has asked his wife to take a Lie Detector Test to prove that Katie did not cheat on him, though this request appears to have backfired as Price has been photographed without her wedding ring over the past few weeks.

Price's husband Kieran convinced his wife cheated with Zanetti

According to the Mirror, Katie Price's husband Kieran is utterly convinced that his wife and DJ Tom Zanetti were having a secret affair, and he is now demanding the truth.

Though both Katie Price and Tom Zanetti have vehemently denied the rumors of an affair, it appears that husband Kieran does not believe either of them.

Kieran has come forward with claims that he found messages sent from his wife to Zanetti which were flirtatious in nature. According to The Sun, the messages included comments from Price that she loved Tom and wanted to have his children. Fans were shocked when Kieran came forward with the claims, and it appears that he is not prepared to rest until he gets the truth.

It has been confirmed that husband Kieran wants Katie Price to take a lie detector test to prove that she has not cheated on him. According to the Mirror, a source close to the couple has claimed that things between Price and her husband have been tense for some time.

When Katie and Tom were seen hanging out together in Miami, fans quickly started to talk about the couple. Before either of them could comment on why they were seen together, rumors of their affair had already surfaced.

Rumors about the breakdown of Price's marriage

According to The Sun, Katie Price has been feeding the rumors that she and her husband Kieran are no longer together as she has gone out in public without her wedding ring on.

Fans are confused about the nature of the pair's marriage, and Price has not revealed what has been happening.

Fans noticed the lack of wedding ring both on Price's Instagram account and when she appeared on the show "Loose Women." Price has claimed that she has had to change Tom's number in her phone so that Kieran does not know that she is still in contact with him.

According to Price, Kieran has a tendency to get jealous whenever the star hangs out with other men, and this appears to have put a strain on their relationship. Price has also posted a number of Instagram posts dealing with the topic of cheating and being cheated on but has since deleted them.

While Kieran is convinced that his wife has cheated on him, there has been no concrete evidence that Price has had an affair with Tom Zanetti.