On Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Liam found out a secret that his father wants to keep in the family. Liam, however, is always the one to do the right thing but before he could say a word, Bill threatened to cut him off if he did not keep his mouth shut.

Dollar Bill will not give up his dream of erecting a sky scraper on the Spectra property

Bill told Thomas that Caroline was dying of a rare disease, and emphasized that his niece deserved to have the father of her child with her during this time. Thomas took the bait and went to New York to be with Caroline and their son Douglas.

On Friday Sally shared the sad news with Liam, who was shocked that no one told him. He went straight to his father who confirmed the story is true.

Liam asked a lot of questions and soon realized that Bill had lied and his cousin was not dying. Bill told his son that if he opened his mouth to warn Thomas or Sally, he would be cut off from the family and also lose his job. Liam was stunned and could not believe his father would be so cruel. Liam left and went to talk to his wife, and received another shock. Steffy is in total agreement with anything that will get Sally Spectra out of the picture.

Liam cannot keep a secret

Liam Spencer is the boy scout, and champion of the underdog and cannot keep a secret.

He is the one who let Thomas know that Bill was trying to sabotage Sally a few months back. Now he is facing a similar dilemma and must choose his father or tell the truth. He can stand back and watch Sally suffer while Thomas cares for Caroline who is not dying. Earlier spoiler alerts suggest that Liam might cave and tell the truth.

If he does, it will be the end of his relationship with his father.

Liam may also alienate himself from his wife as Steffy does not want her brother with Sally Spectra. Bill loves his son but will not tolerate disloyalty from anyone. Dollar Bill will throw his son under the bus because he did not stand with him. He will cut Liam off without a cent and think no more about it.

Thomas And Sally will appreciate it if Liam is the one to blow the whistle on Bill's latest scheme, but they might be the only ones.

If Dollar Bill does not get to erect his sky scraper yet again, there will be trouble all around. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" week day afternoons, on CBS to find out what happens next to the Spencer family. It will be interesting to see who sides with Bill and who stands up for his son. If you enjoy knowing a day or two ahead what will take place, keep reading spoiler alerts.