On "The Bold and the Beautiful" Katie and Wyatt have been spending quite a lot of time together. Spoiler alerts indicate they will really heat things up this week while in Monte Carlo for the swimsuit fashion show. Dollar Bill Spencer's son is considering dating his ex-wife.

Keeping it all in the family

Katie and Bill not only were married but have a son named Will. If she gets serious with Wyatt she will be dating her former step son, and Wyatt's half brother would become his step son if he and Katie wed. Bill is now married to Katie's sister Brooke, and both men have been united in matrimony with Rodge Forrester.

Wyatt was married to Ridge's daughter Steffy who is now the wife of his brother Liam. These folks really keep it all in the family.

All of them minus Ridge boarded the Spencer jet along with Thomas and Sally, and are in Monte Carlo for the fashion competition. Bill does not yet realize that his son and former wife are considering getting serious. Spoiler alerts indicate that just when this couple is about to have their first steamy smooch, someone will call Katie's name and break the spell.

The relationship between Wyatt and Katie may be doomed to fail

Katie and Wyatt make a cute couple, and The Bold and the "Beautiful" writers certainly will experiment with them. Unfortunately, these may be doomed to fail.

There is just too much history between their family members, and Katie's former spouse Dollar Bill probably will not like it. This union would make Bill's ex-wife his daughter in law. And Quinn would be Katie's mother in law, it is just too weird.

In the short term, Wyatt and Katie seem to have chemistry, and viewers probably will enjoy watching the budding romance grow.

They might do well for a summer fling, but with all the dynamics and dysfunction this does not seem to be a couple with staying power. B&B had seemed to be bringing Katie and Eric together, and Quinn was pretty jealous of their friendship. Sheila came out of the woodwork and now she has her fangs in Eric.

Both Katie and Wyatt have been unlucky in love so perhaps viewers should give them a chance.

At least this time Wyatt ha a woman that has not previously been with his brother as had Ivy, Steffy, and Hope. Katie was however married to his father, and that might be even worse. Dollar Bill might embrace this new romance and give his son and former wife his blessing. He may be so happy to have taken Brooke from Ridge that he will rejoice. Stay tuned to CBS daytime to keep up with these changing couples on "The Bold and the Beautiful."