Avid viewers of "Teen Mom 2" will have already seen last week's episode in which Jenelle Evans discussed her son Jace acting out. The 8-year-old boy, whose primary custodian is Jenelle's mother, Barbara, has been "freaking out" for the past several weeks. During the show, Jenelle and Barb discussed the fact that he hit his grandmother in the nose, causing her to begin bleeding. He has also been getting into more trouble at school, which has caused his teachers to worry and Barb to consider placing him in therapy. Jace, evidently, feels no remorse for punching his grandmother, which is cause for alarm for Jenelle, Barb, and viewers alike.

Jenelle says she 'knows why Jace is acting out'

According to Jenelle, Jace has been acting out because he wants to live with Jenelle and David full-time. Jenelle has never had full custody of her son, due to the fact that she was a heroin addict when she was younger. The mother of three was only a teen when she gave birth to Jace, and she struggled with major addiction. Her mother stepped up to the plate and decided to take her son in, which was incredibly selfless of Barb. However, Jenelle believed that the custody arrangement would only be "until she got her act together." Jenelle now believes that she has come far enough that Barb should "give Jace back," despite the fact that Jace has now lived most of his life with his grandmother.

Since then, the pair have been at odds regarding the best choices for Jenelle's son.

However, according to the Jenelle, her son is only acting out because he is not currently living with her and the rest of his siblings and step-siblings. Jenelle believes that if she had Jace, everything would go back to normal.

The custody dispute continues

Not too long ago, Jenelle and Barbara went back to court to revisit their custody agreement for Jace. Jenelle thought this would finally be the moment she got "Jace back" and got to be with him full-time. However, it appears that it didn't work out that way, and the judge instead awarded a custody agreement to the pair much like those that divorced couples have.

Instead of Barbara being in charge of when Jenelle is allowed to see Jace, the pair have a written agreement that details exactly when she is allowed to see him. Jenelle, however, is still unhappy with the situation and will likely attempt to go for full custody in the future. She hopes that one day her family will all live under one roof.