When “The Crown,” a Netflix original drama series, aired in November 2016, viewers of varying ages were entranced. Exceptionally good actors and actresses portrayed the lives of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and other intriguing personalities. The release of the teaser trailer for Season 2 of the highly anticipated series has excited fans.

The new teaser trailer presents a more assertive Queen Elizabeth after the power struggles and family scandals. As Netflix US succinctly stated in social media, the main character is presented as a strong sovereign facing “an empire in ruins” and “a marriage in tatters” yet she is determined to fight and to triumph.

Adages like “There is no love without pain. There is no power without sacrifice.” accompany eye-riveting photos of the actors playing the British royals in leading social media sites.

The Crown’s Emmy nominations

Mixed reactions were generated by the new trailer. Comments ranged from “The Crown” being an abysmal show to the fact that it really does not need saving surfaced on Twittersphere. A total of 13 Emmy Award nominations and two Golden Globe awards – one for Best Television Series for drama category, another for Best Actress in a Television Series Drama bagged by Claire Foy speak volumes about the pull and force of the biographical drama series.

The Crown” Season 2 will unfold on Dec. 8, 2017.

The first season received both enthusiastic and lukewarm reviews. In the Season 2 teaser, a queen who is advancing in years faces multiple challenges but she projects a steely character. Viewers also get a glimpse of famous personalities like John F. Kennedy and Jackie Onassis.

Wild side of Prince Philip

Apart from the lead character portrayed by Claire Foy (who, incidentally, has stated in interviews that she been amazed and overwhelmed by the favorable response by viewers from many different countries to the show), the spotlight is also placed on Prince Philip, interestingly tackled by Matt Smith.

Insinuations of Prince Philip cheating on the Queen is expected to unravel in Season 2 of “The Crown.” The show's creators figured that it will be interesting to let Prince Philip's character continue to unravel. He is presented as a rather complicated royal who must deal with being overshadowed by his wife. Beyond that, there will be story arcs that people will not normally associate with England’s reigning monarch.