Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that Liam Spencer will once again bring out the Boy Scout within. After finding out about the stunt his father just pulled with Thomas and Caroline, Liam will be outraged. He turns to his wife for support, only to find that Steffy agrees with Dollar Bill. It probably will be no time before Liam clears his conscience, and exposes the hoax.

Liam is the good son

Dollar Bill Spencer wrote a negative review of "Spectra Fashions," and put Jarrett's Maxwell name on it. Sally Spectra was so stunned she gave in to her grandma and stole Forrester designs passing them off as her own.

Bill wanted to tank Spectra so he could raze the building and erect a sky scrapper. His son Wyatt understood the business deal, but Liam was troubled by his dad's underhanded tactics and exposed what he was attempting to do. Bill and Wyatt began calling Liam a boy scout in a condescending manner because he likes to do the right thing.

Liam has shown himself to have values and to be the good son, while Wyatt seems to be going to the dark side where their father resides. Now Dollar Bill has done something that is dastardly even for him. He still wants Sally Spectra out of the building so he can erect his sky scraper, so Bill came up with a plan. After Steffy called Caroline to come back to town, Bill decided to help her reunite with Thomas who is her baby daddy.

Bill told Thomas that his niece is dying and suggested he spend more time with Caroline and young Douglas.

The truth will prevail because of the boy scout

Spoilers indicate that Liam will be outraged at Dollar Bill when he finds out this latest scheme. He will not be able to accept that Steffy is in full agreement with doing this to Thomas and Sally.

Liam knows his wife hates Ms. Spectra because she stole from the Forresters, and now Thomas is not only dating her but running "Spectra Fashions." The boy scout in Liam will once again prevail over loyalty to his father. This will also cause problems in his marriage.

Bill and Steffy's obsession with making Sally pay for her indiscretions is getting the best of them.

They thought the swimsuit competition in Monte Carlo would be the end of "Spectra Fashions," but Spectra actually won more votes. Bill, however, pretended it was all in good fun for charity and never revealed the results. The truth will stun a lot of people, and Sally and Thomas will realize just how far Bill and Steffy are willing to go. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" week day afternoons on CBS.