Steve Molaro has been one of the main showrunners for "The Big Bang Theory" from the very beginning. He is the heart and soul of the show, and fans were rightfully concerned when they heard that he was stepping down from the position. He's not completely jumping ship, as he will take over the helm for the spin-off "Young Sheldon." However, that leaves "TBBT" one executive producer down.

The good news is the shoes have been filled. Fans of the CBS show don't have to worry, as the team has hired up from within. It's someone who has been with "The Big Bang Theory" since season 3 taking over.

Meet Steve Holland

It's a new Steve taking over. Holland has been with the show since the beginning of the third season as a writer and executive producer. So, he already has some experience to fill Molaro's day-to-day running-of-the-show shoes. He has already taken over the helm of the project, and will continue with the direction that the show had been heading in after the end of season 10.

The great news for fans is that the fresh blood could mean a slightly rejuvenated storyline. Holland only became an executive producer in the 10th season, so he still has a lot of energy to give. He will want to see the show continue much longer than Chuck Lorre or Molaro could have anticipated, so may be the perfect guy for CBS.

Sadness for Steve Molaro

Of course, fans are disappointed. While they know Molaro hasn't left "The Big Bang Theory" maliciously (it's all about the spin-off remember!), he has left at a bittersweet time. The season 10 finale finally saw Sheldon propose to Amy. Fans don't really know if she is going to say yes, but they did want Molaro to act as the main showrunner at the time.

After all, he got Sheldon and Amy to this point.

There are theories that Amy isn't going to say yes right away. She will want to know why Sheldon has flown all this way to ask her. It wasn't exactly romantic (although Sheldon doesn't do romance, anyway, so it's not out of character) and the timing certainly seems odd with a stalker from the past back in Sheldon's life.

She may want to get to the bottom of the events of the finale before she agrees to anything.

"The Big Bang Theory" season 11 will return in September on CBS. It will initially air on Mondays at 8 p.m. and then move to Thursdays, once Thursday Night Football is finished. "Young Sheldon," the spin-off, will take place on Thursdays in the half-hour slot after "TBBT."