Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth -- the newest pair to get hitched from the Duggar family -- are currently under fire for engaging in what fans have called "obscene" PDA. As typical newlyweds, the pair are having trouble keeping their hands to themselves, but this doesn't mean that the Duggar fan base necessarily appreciates seeing the two engage in affection so publicly. Joy-Anna's parents, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, have notoriously engaged in PDA that fans have condemned in the past, saying that it is inappropriate, especially in front of their children or the cameras that film them for their television show.

Strict rules for physical affection when courting

The Duggar family does not allow their children to date. Instead, they participate in something called "courting," in which a couple gets to know each other while they decide if they are interested in pursuing a marriage. During this time, the couple is not allowed to be alone, and must have a chaperone with them at all times. This is to prevent anything from happening that could go against their religious beliefs. The courting couple are not allowed to hold hands, kiss, or express affection to one another beyond a side-hug. Joy-Anna Duggar admitted that she and Austin Forsyth did break one of their courting rules by hugging each other from the front accidentally when they got engaged.

They had been so swept up in the moment that they forgot the rules and ended up giving one another the forbidden full-frontal hug.

Joy-Anna and Austin's mistake

The pair were slammed by fans when Joy-Anna Duggar sat on Austin's crotch during the filming of "Counting On: The Aftershow." Joy-Anna pretended not to notice that she was sitting on her husband's lap as he lied down, reclining on the white couch used to interview the couples on the show.

She joking asked what was so funny about her sitting on her husband in that manner. Several fans of the show were aghast at Joy's brazen behavior, saying that the pair's PDA was something that didn't need to be seen on TLC. However, others said that the couple were just engaging in the same public displays of affection that most couples their age would, however, it is a bigger deal only because they are the Duggars. Because the family is so hush-hush about topics relating to sex, many of their fans are also the same way, and found the whole thing absolutely scandalous.

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