Imagine a 10-year-old genius caught in the middle of a right-wing family that isn't used to 10-year-old geniuses. That is the way that Leslie Moonves recently described the potential new series coming to CBS. It will be a spin-off of "The Big Bang Theory" and take place decades in the past in Texas. Yes, this spin-off is going to be all about a young Sheldon, as he finds his way in the world and accepts that the people around him aren't as smart as him.

The show may be called 'Little Sheldon'

There isn't a confirmed name for "The Big Bang Theory" spin-off yet, but it has been dubbed "Little Sheldon." This is because it will follow the 10-year-old genius.

Many fans of the comedy show know a bit about his background. He came from a right-wing, Christian family with a very normal and traditional background. His IQ level was through the roof, and his mother even had him tested to make sure he wasn't crazy!

Fans will get the chance to live the younger days of Sheldon's life. So far, there has been little news on the cast and whether Laurie Metcalf will reprise her role as Mary Cooper in the show. It is also possible that Sheldon's twin sister will be recast.

A show right after 'The Big Bang Theory'

Moovnes has said that "TBBT" has almost been confirmed for another two seasons. That will mean another 48 episodes of the situational comedy, and they were made possibly due to the main stars taking a paycut to allow Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch to get a payrise.

"Little Sheldon" will likely air in the half-hour slot after its parent show, which makes sense. Monday night is comedy night and the same audience is likely to tune in for the spin-off.

The new seasons of "TBBT" and the pilot for "Little Sheldon" haven't been confirmed yet. There are still a few hoops to jump through and it will depend on how strong the pilot episode is.

Right now CBS is looking to take on two new comedies and four new dramas for the 2017/2018 season and hasn't shared which shows are getting the chop yet. It looks like "The Big Bang Theory" fans will have two shows to watch in the fall season.