Last week's episode of "Teen Wolf" Season 6 certainly opened with a shocking scene as Cody Christian finally made an appearance. However, things did not go too well for Theo Raeken as he found himself being hunted by a gang of hunters.

But is Theo really dead? Some fans refuse to believe that the former bad guy has been shot and killed in the final season. Could this mean that Cody Christian will still return in "Teen Wolf" Season 6 Episode 13?

Theo vs. spider vs. hunters

"Raw Talent" certainly revolved around the search for whoever it was that made a new Argent bullet that killed the other Hellhound in the premiere episode.

Since Chris Argent vehemently denied making the bullet, it was no surprise when Gerald finally emerged from the shadows to congratulate the cruel guidance counselor for being a gifted hunter. However, it was the opening sequence of the 12th episode that had fans talking.

The episode opened with Theo's welcome return. Unfortunately, Beacon Hills is evidently a dangerous place for werewolves these days. Theo's nap in his vehicle was interrupted by a strange spider then immediately followed by an attack from hunters.

The sequence concluded with a barrage of gunfire suggesting Theo was killed in "Raw Talent." Nevertheless, fans refuse to believe that they have seen the last of Cody Christian's character.

Is Theo still alive?

People simply cannot accept the suggestion of Theo being killed by the hunters. There are speculations that the former baddie survived and could still be back in the 13th episode. After all, Cody Christian has previously shared a photo of his character in what appears to be Deaton's clinic which could mean he was found and treated by Scott McCall's boss.

What to expect in 'After Images'

The 13th episode of the sixth season could confirm that Theo is alive and well. However, the most exciting thing about "After Images" is that the episode is Tyler Posey's directorial debut. The actor is understandably pleased with his new achievement since he received "a different kind of respect" for the people who work behind the scenes of the MTV show.

"Even though they really liked me and had respect for me before, this was a different kind of respect," Posey said. It certainly sounds like "After Images" could be one of the most memorable episodes of the beloved series.

Find out if Cody Christian will return as Theo in "Teen Wolf" Season 6 Episode 13, which airs on MTV on August 13.