The last season of "Teen Wolf" has finally premiered and it looks like the MTV series is bringing back some of the biggest guns that ever appeared on the show. But what does Kate Argent's return mean in "Raw Talent"?

There is little doubt that Derek Hale will be a major part of the final season of "Teen Wolf" after he was shown via FBI secret footage in "Said the Spider to the Fly." Is it possible that Derek will move back to Beacon Hills and somehow lead Kate back home?

Kate Argent joins The Wild Hunt

The preview for the show's next episode certainly promises plenty of creepy action.

However, fans are understandably more concerned about Kate Argent's sudden reappearance in the teaser. Could this mean that La Loba will be hunting for Scott McCall and his pack in "Raw Talent"? Or is she after Derek once again?

An Argent bullet miraculously showed up in the midseason premiere of "Teen Wolf" Season 6, as per Entertainment Weekly. There is little doubt that Scott and his pack will try to figure out how the guidance counselor came across the rare bullet but is it possible that it actually came from Kate? Could this mean that La Loba is out to get back at Scott and Derek Hale?

The synopsis for "Raw Talent" confirms that Scott and Malia Tate will try to find out more about the Argent bullet, which could mean that hunters are back in Beacon Hills. In addition to that, Lydia Martin will be dealing with her own demons from Eichen House. There is little doubt that the upcoming episode could prove that the final season is the deadliest one for the MTV show.

Who will die in 'Teen Wolf' Season 6?

The teaser for "Raw Talent" doesn't only confirm the return of Kate Argent. The promo also hints that Melissa McCall is in trouble. Could this mean that Scott's mother will be one of the first characters to get killed off on the show? Melissa Ponzio has already teased several deaths happening in the final 10 episodes.

Some believe that the actress may have hinted at the possibility that Melissa will be one of the major casualties in the last season.

Scott's mother is not the only one who might meet their end in the sixth season. There are speculations that Chris Argent could lose in a fight against Kate. Will La Loba kill her own brother in the end? Some fear that Kate's bloodlust and hate for Derek Hale will ultimately lead to her committing fratricide in the series.

"Teen Wolf" Season 6, Episode 12 will air on MTV on August 6.