The last 10 episodes of "Teen Wolf" will premiere in two weeks and fans are already hoping to see more of Scott McCall and his pack. However, things are set to get dark pretty fast in "Teen Wolf" Season 6B.There is little doubt that there will be major casualties in the MTV show's final season.

Fans are already expecting to see one or more characters meet their end in the "Teen Wolf" Season 6 finale. However, one actress has just revealed that the deaths will be happening much earlier in the series.

Early deaths in 'Teen Wolf' Season 6B

A fan recently tweeted out her excitement over the show's upcoming return in July, stating she "can't wait" to find out which characters will not survive "the end of the series." Melissa Ponzio, who plays Scott McCall's mother Melissa in the series, had an interesting Twitter response about the deaths in the show.

Ponzio might simply be teasing the fan but there is a possibility that people will die quickly in the last 10 episodes. The trailer for the last season confirms that characters like Tyler Hoechlin's Derek Hale and Colton Haynes' Jackson Whittemore are returning to Beacon Hills. The final battle against a mysterious enemy might be too much for Scott and his pack.

It is still unsure who will get killed off in the back end of the sixth season although some fans are already worried for Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien). There have been speculations that the character might not be back in any of the 10 episodes.

Nevertheless, there is still no guarantee that the survivors will make an appearance in the planned reboot.

Who returns for the 'Teen Wolf' reboot?

According to Variety, creator Jeff Davis is already working with MTV to relaunch the teen drama with a completely new cast. Although there is a possibility that some characters from the current series will make an appearance in the new show, it will not be set in Beacon Hills.

There have been speculations that the reboot could feature a cameo from Tyler Hoechlin or one of the actors who played members of the Hale family.

Fans who are still hoping to learn more about Scott and his friends will certainly enjoy the podcast that will continue the show's current storyline.

The podcast is expected to be launched soon after the conclusion of "Teen Wolf" Season 6B.

The series is set to return on MTV on July 30. Before the premiere, "Teen Wolf" will have one last panel at the San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, July 20.