“The Vampire Diaries” star Ian Somerhalder recently became a father when he welcomed his first child to the world, E! Online reported.

Somerhalder welcomed his first-born daughter with his wife Nikki Reed. The baby girl is reportedly named Bodhi Soleil Reed-Somerhalder.

The couple first announced that they are having a baby last May, amid speculations from fans. Today, E! Online reported that Reed and Somerhalder finally became parents, with their newborn daughter.

During her pregnancy, the article said Reed posted photos of her pregnancy on Instagram.

One of these photos had her wearing a Bayou With Love dress, which came from a clothing label that she herself started around a year ago.

Reed reportedly said how she and her baby have been sharing one body for some time, and how they have been through a lot and have experienced several things together. She added that they are looking forward to meet her in the real world.

Daddy Ian

Somerhalder, who was known for portraying the vampire Damon on the hit television series “The Vampire Diaries” shared how excited he is. E! Online stated that he began posting on Instagram as well.

He shared to his relatives, friends and his fans that he has never experienced “anything more powerful and beautiful” than becoming a father to their newborn daughter.

He reportedly said that he could not think of anything more delightful that this new chapter, and they always wanted their fans to hear about this great news from the two of them first, E! Online added.

The actor also reportedly expressed how they valued this special moment in their lives, the reason why the birth of their daughter has not been announced immediately.

It was reported today that Reed gave birth last July 25.

Somerhalder also wrote on social media how they wanted to keep it among just the three of them as long as possible, so they can enjoy the moment with each other and with their baby. He expressed gratitude for the generous energy that came from around their family.

Second wedding anniversary

The couple is reportedly celebrating their second wedding anniversary this year. The actor was married to Reed back in April 2015.

The wedding happened around nine months after they started dating, the article noted. Somerhalder once dated his wife in 2014 in a farmers market in Los Angeles, the article continued. Since then, they looked forward to starting their own family.