"The Originals" is a spin-off series of "The Vampire Diaries" which was adapted for television by Julie Plec. "The Originals" next season will be its last but there have been talks about a potential spin off series. The spinoff would focus on the character of Hope and delve into her powers in more depth. As of yet the spin off has not been confirmed but Julie Plec and the CW President are extremely interested in seeing Hope get her own series.

The CW has released a statement

According to Deadline, the president of the studio, The CW has made a statement regarding a spin off series of "The Originals." Mark Pedowitz has announced that season 5 of "The Originals" will be the final season of the show but that he and Julie Plec are currently in talk about a spin off series of the show,

Pedowitz has stated that the new spin off series would focus on the character of Hope Mikaelson and that he is very interested in where the potential spin off could take her character.

Hope will be the main character in season 5 of "The Originals" but as it is, the last season there is little time to explore her character of in-depth.

According to E! News, Pedowitz has stated that for now, the focus is wrapping up "The Originals." He has stated that they will continue discussions about the spin off series once the vampire show has wrapped. He has added that nothing has come out of the discussions of the spin off as of yet but that he would be extremely excited should it happen.

Julie Plec is already on board for another spin off

According to E! News, Julie Plec the creator of both "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals." Plec adapted the novels by L.J Smiths' "The Vampire Diaries" and the show gained a huge cult following.

"The Originals" is a spinoff of the vampire show and Plec is apparently on board for another spin off of the vampire franchise

Plec is currently in talks with the CW about creating another spin off show focusing on the character of Hope who is the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall-Kenner. The character of Hope was born in season 4 of "The Originals" and will be seen as a teenager in the upcoming season 5 of the show.

Plec wants to explore the vampire universe further with Hope as she is a hybrid of one of the world's most powerful vampires and a werewolf. This dynamic has never been explored in "The Vampire Diaries" and while season 5 will focus on Hope more as a central character, it will be the final season of "The Originals."

It has yet to be confirmed whether the spin off series will be going ahead but fans have proven that they will remain loyal to Plec and tune in to watch this spin off if it does happen.