A new trailer for "Teen Wolf" Season 6B has just been unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con and it looks like one of the scariest villains will return in the final season. The teaser offered a fleeting glimpse at Kate Argent, confirming that La Loba will be back in Beacon Hills.

The SDCC trailer has also hinted at an awesome fight involving Jordan Parrish, who will be going up against a new Hellhound named Halwyn. Will the deputy survive the fierce battle to help save Beacon Hills in the last 10 episodes of "Teen Wolf"?

La Loba loads up on firepower

There is plenty of awesome new footage in the new "Teen Wolf" Season 6B trailer, which opens with a seemingly innocent conversation that leads to a temporarily bloodied hand, as per Twitter. However, most fans zoned in on a brief shot right after Melissa McCall is shown running away from something or someone. There is no mistaking that the woman taking out a loaded weapon is none other than Kate Argent, the former hunter who was turned into a were-jaguar.

La Loba may have been the main villain in the fourth season but she has since disappeared from the show after her brother Chris Argent allowed her to escape.

There were speculations that Kate would be back in the final 10 episodes to ultimately kill Scott McCall. However, some believe she might go after Scott's mother for revenge, especially as there is a scene showing the young Alpha doting over an unidentified woman. Hopefully, Melissa will survive the possible attack by Kate Argent.

Melissa is not the only one who appears to be in immediate danger in the SDCC trailer. Fans are concerned that Parrish's encounter with another Hellhound will end badly in "Teen Wolf" Season 6B.

Hellhound VS Hellhound

There are several shots of Jordan Parrish in the new trailer although he is not the only Hellhound featured in the teaser.

Parrish is shown fighting off a powerful opponent who happens to share his fire-resistant powers.

Entertainment Weekly has already confirmed that the new Hellhound named Halwyn will be played by "Eye Candy" star Casey Deidrick. Although fans were hoping he would friendly, the trailer seems to confirm that Halwyn is ready to battle with Parrish in the show. Could the deputy end up being one of the major casualties in the last episodes of the series?

According to Teen Wolf News, The 11th episode of the final season is reportedly titled "Said the Spider to the Fly." The series will premiere on MTV on July 30.