Singer Taylor Swift faced a civil lawsuit filed by DJ David Mueller, who said he lost his job after the singer and her mother confronted the radio station he worked for. Swift alleged that Mueller groped her during a photo op at a concert. The Jury just decided that Swift’s mother Andrea and radio liaison Frank Bell were not liable for tortious interference.

The jury, which was composed of eight members, six women and two men, deliberated for four hours. Their decision was unanimous and concluded that the DJ Sexually Assaulted the singer, E! News reported.

Swift became emotional before jury decided on case

The closing arguments by the legal representatives of Mueller and Swift, Gabriel McFarland and Douglas Baldridge respectively, were also given before the jury decided on the case. Swift became emotional after a photo of Swift with Mueller was presented by McFarland. Mueller's lawyer questioned whether that is the face of a woman who was just groped. In the photo, Swift was all smiles but was distant from Mueller. Mueller’s hand was visibly on the lower part of Swift’s back.

The photo was taken in 2013 and was snapped during a meet and greet. Swift said Mueller placed his hand inside her skirt even after she tried to move away from him. Shortly thereafter, Mueller was fired from his post then filed a lawsuit against Swift as he blamed her for being the reason he lost his job.

Swift releases statement

The “Blank Space” singer released a statement after Mueller’s case was dismissed. She thanked Judge William J. Martinez and the jury for their decision. She also thanked her attorneys for fighting for her and “anyone who feels silenced by a sexual assault.” Swift then extended her gratefulness to the women who offered their support.

She pointed out that she is thankful that she can go through legal proceedings even if it is expensive but there are other people who do not have that liberty. She then announced that she will make donations to multiple organizations that help sexual assault victims, reported.

Swift’s attorney calls lawsuit of Mueller shameful and cowardly

Baldridge called the lawsuit of Mueller as shameful and cowardly. He then pointed out that after Mueller sued Swift, she filed a countersuit claim and only wanted $1 in punitive damages. Baldridge said that the $1 the singer is asking for is symbolic because it says that women placed in the same situation as Swift are immeasurable.