Natalie Cole's son, Robert Yancy, died on Monday and the news was confirmed by the family representative. It was reported by Entertainment Tonight that he was 39-years-old when he suffered a Heart Attack which led to his untimely death. It was reported by LA Times that law enforcement authorities were conducting an investigation into his apparent death by natural causes and ETOnline reported that drugs are not suspected to have caused his sudden death. Nevertheless, there may still be an autopsy to establish exactly why he died.

Drug addiction issues

According to statement given by Yancy' family members, he had worked in the music industry for quite some time and that Yancy had never been into drugs despite the fact that his mother, Cole, fought her drug addiction for years until her death in 2015. Yancy's father also died from a heart attack when he was just 34-years-old.

News reports confirm that Yancy was found dead at his San Fernando Valley home around 9:45 PM Apparently some of his friends hadn't heard from him for a couple of days and it was then discovered that Yancy was dead. One of them stopped by, according to the New York Daily News and discovered Yancy had died. According to TMZ, the family was notified of his death by authorities on Tuesday.

Cause of death

According to a recent report by the Los Angeles Times, the cause of death was attributed to natural causes. However, law enforcers are still conducting a deeper investigation at this time. It was also learned that authorities will only reveal more details about his death whenever the autopsy and other tests are completed.

Tragically, it seems that heart disease seems to run in the family. Natalie Cole died from congestive heart failure at the age of 65 while her husband has also died through the same condition. In one of the interviews by Cole's sisters, they shared about the last remaining days which they spent together with the legendary singer shortly before her death.

At this time Yancy's family will have to wait for a while until complete reports from authorities are revealed. Further news will be updated after final investigations have been concluded regarding the autopsy and toxicology test procedures. Following the tragic news, family and friends have shared their deepest sympathies over the death of Yancy. He will be remembered in the music industry years in the years to come, as is his grandfather, the legendary jazz musician Nat King Cole who died from lung cancer in 1965.