The producers of “Bachelor in Paradise” in June 2017 temporarily shut down its production following an incident that involved two of its contestants, Corrine Olympios and DeMario Jackson. The distribution company Warner Bros., had to initiate an internal investigation over the sexual misconduct between Corrine and DeMario.

Corrine denied that she was sober during the sexual act in the swimming pool while filming for season 4 production. However, those who have seen the footage claimed that she was fully engaged, which means that she was in full consent with DeMario.

The second part of the reality show aired on Tuesday night and the remaining contestants have finally talked about the incident and whose side they’re taking.

Who’s to blame?

“Bachelor in Paradise” host Chris Harrison sat in with the remaining contestants during the season 4 premiere and asked about the sexual incident that happened between the two contestants. One of the contestants, Taylor Nolan said that each of them is accountable for their own actions including how much they drink. Corrine said that she blacked out during the sexual interaction and didn’t know about it until her fellow contestants told her the following day. She also blamed the show’s crew for not alerting her about it and initially planned to sue the network.

TMZ reported that during their discussion with Harrison, the “Bachelor in Paradise” contestants were obviously taking the side on DeMario although Corinne said that she is the victim of the sexual incident. They also said that one of the reasons why DeMario was under fire in the controversy is because he is black while Corinne is white.

Apparently, the show is being stained with racism in the country between black and white people. The cast though also defended Corinne for taking a lot of “slut-shaming.” However, the contestants believe that DeMario is the victim of the sexual misconduct.

New policy imposed

Following the sexual incident, the producers of “Bachelor in Paradise” have set up a new policy on drinking as well as on-camera consent.

E! News previously reported that the contestants’ drinking is now limited to two drinks for every hour and they are required to log each time they drink. One of the contestants, Vinny Ventiera also told E! that in the event that they want to spend some quality time with their “significant others,” it should be “on camera and consensual.” Apparently, the new rules are already in place.

“Bachelor in Paradise” originally premiered in August 2014. It’s a spin-off from “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” The show is hosted by Chris Harrison.