Taylor Swift will be testifying in the Civil Case filed by a disc jockey, whom the singer alleged of groping during a photo session before a concert at the Pepsi Center in Denver in 2013. A civil case was filed against Swift because the disc jockey claimed that he lost his job after the singer’s accusation.

The disk jockey, identified as David Mueller, claimed in his lawsuit that Swift and her mother, Andrea, made false accusations against him. Swift, on the other hand, said that Mueller improperly touched her when they posed for a photo. Mueller allegedly reached under her dress and grabbed her behind, CNN reported.

Swift denies she told about Mueller to his employer

Swift, who was 23 years old when the alleged incident took place, said in her response to the lawsuit against her that she was not the one who told Mueller’s employer, KYGO radio, that he groped her. The “Blank Space” singer pointed out that her radio promotions director, Frank Bell, was the one who informed Mueller’s employer of the alleged groping.

KYGO radio conducts internal investigation

KYGO radio then conducted an internal investigation by "no less than seven KYGO personnel" according to Swift's legal team. After the probe was done, it was concluded that Mueller was at fault. He was then terminated from his post because he violated the morality clause of his contract.

They added that Mueller lied about the incident and changed some facts in his story.

NBC News reported that he changed his story from not touching Swift at all to possibly touching her accidentally. Swift said that she was certain his hand was inside her dress and was touching her bottom because she tried to move away from the disc jockey but his hand remained where it was.

Bell allegedly threatened KYGO over alleged groping incident

Mueller claimed in his lawsuit that KYGO’s general manager was contacted by Bell. Bell reportedly told the station’s general manager, Bob Call, that the station would be “gravely impacted” if the alleged groping incident was to blow up. After Call talked to Bell, Mueller said he was subsequently fired after the “Shake It Off” singer and her parents wanted a specific action that the station should do.

Who are expected to testify

Swift, Bell, and her mother will all testify as well. The chair and associate professor of women and gender studies at the University of Colorado, Lorraine Bayard de Volo, is also expected to testify in the civil lawsuit. de Volo will reportedly offer her expert testimony regarding the effects of sexual assault and harassment in victims. The trial will begin on August 7.