Selena Gomez and best friend Petra Collins have opened up about creating the singer's controversial music video "Fetish" and their friendship in an interview with Dazed. Gomez and Collins met during the photo shoot for Wonderland magazine in 1992.

This meeting resulted in a solid friendship with the two collaborating together on Gomez's new music video "Fetish". 24-year-old Collins is a Canadian born photographer, artist, director, and model, whose creative work challenges stereotypical ideals of beauty and how women view themselves. Gomez, who is 25-years-old, has blossomed as a music artist with the release of jaw-dropping and controversial singles and music videos such as "Bad Liar" and the latest release "Fetish".

The singer has also been involved in the production of controversial Netflix series, "13 Reasons Why".

Inspiration for "Fetish"

Speaking to Dazed about her new music video, Gomez said that it was a good combination of weird and sexy. The video, which features Gucci Mane, sees Gomez roaming the streets of her neighborhood carrying bags of groceries before returning home looking disheveled, wet, and covered in dirt. The star then has a mental breakdown inside her home, seductively eating fruit, placing her tongue in a lash curler, throwing food and objects at the kitchen walls and eating glass. She also has a solo candlelit dinner, looking slightly deranged and manic. The video resembles scenes and "looks" one might expect to find in horror movies, which is fitting as Collins revealed to Dazed that the idea behind "Fetish" came from the pairs love for all things horror.

Collins, who directed the video, said that she loved it as it captures the "dirty, gross and weird love" that some people experience. She added that she feels the kitchen scene is empowering as Gomez loses control but manages to get it back again. Gomez told the publication that she believes a female director was better for the production as the line between sexy and being overly-sexualised is very fine.

The singer said that if a man was to direct it, it would probably be far more sexual.

Gomez and Collins' relationship

During the interview, Gomez told Collins that she feels more comfortable with her than she does with most people and she referred to their relationship as, "like sisters". The star added that Collins always helps her and encourages her, something she believes has contributed greatly to her growth as an artist.

The two bounce back and forth during the interview and the duo certainly seem to have a lot in common. They finish off by discussing their star signs -- Collins is Sagittarius and Gomez is Cancer -- before agreeing that they are both currently obsessed with Brian de Palma movies.