wentworth might be one of the television series that is not scared to kill off important characters if its storyline needs it to do so. Although fans are going to rally its producers for putting an end to their favorite stars, they continuously support the show for its different kind of plotline that they just can’t simply let go.

The television series' cast and crew graced the Video Junkee 2017 festival at Carriageworks in Sydney on Saturday and discussed the lengths they have to go through to give their viewers that gripping kind of viewing.

With a cult following and skyrocketing ratings, it is evidently at the peak of its success.

The traumatizing sequences

Tammy MacIntosh, who plays the role of Karen 'Kaz' Proctor, revealed that “Wentworth's” intense scenes affect them at times. In fact, it can be too hard to handle for an artist.

These sequences can also have a great impact on the stars’ emotional state, Daily Mail reported. “It can take a toll on the actors tasked with bringing it to life,” the 47-year-old star said. Fortunately, people behind the show are making sure their cast is all protected from suffering any kind of ill effects for doing the dark scenes.

Kate Jenkinson, who portrays Allie Novak, also added that the television series’ handlers are supporting them on “every single level of production,” so they will never feel distressed about it.

In fact, she always feels emotionally and physically safe whenever they are filming. On its five-season run, stars already endured being buried alive, cutting their tongues off, and brutally attacked.

Taking a big risk

People responsible for bringing “Wentworth” to the small screens feel the pressure of competing with other television series with the same theme, like “Orange is the New Black.”

They also feel pressure as it has to live up to the legacy of its predecessor, “Prisoner,” Junkee cited.

However, it has proved its worth with its success. In fact, it is now being shown in 140 countries and translated into three different languages.

It has told a “huge, story-altering event” with the unexpected death of Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) in its previous season finale. Its executive producer Jo Porter explained that she and the show’s creative team took a big risk by killing off the 46-year-old star’s character as it was the right thing to do. It was in the context of her storyline and in the world they had built for her.