Before the month of July 2017 ended, Kathy Griffin, 56, surprised not just her mother but the public as well, when a photo of her was released. Comedian Griffin shaved her head and donated her hair to show sympathy and support to her sister who is fighting Cancer. There was a tweet by the Journalist Yashar Ali last Monday with a pair of images showing Griffin bald, in one photo, Griffin was smiling and holding the top of her head with almost no hair and in the other photo, Griffin’s mother was touching her head in shock.

If you look into any social media sites of Griffin, these pictures or the post will not appear but this was confirmed when her mother Maggie Griffin retweeted Ali’s post, saying, her daughter Kathleen Mary is a wonderful human being on Monday, 10:57 AM.

This is the comedian’s most extreme new look at the moment.

There are a lot of cancer patients struggling and fighting their illness around the world and their loved ones are trying their best to console them and give joy and love to support them. What Griffin did was one of millions of examples and is sincerely sweet.

This is not the first time

Kathy Griffin is the youngest in the family but this is not the first time that Griffin had to face the truth that her sibling is battling cancer. On Jan 22, 2014, her brother Gary Griffin, a former attorney, died from stage-four esophageal cancer. Garry had it for more than two years and was 63 years old when he died.

When Gary died, Kathy Griffin shared her tribute on Instagram.

She shared their pictures in a collage which included one of Joe Walsh, Eagles musician – who was said to be Gary’s idol – signing an autograph for Gary and a message to ‘keep his chin up.’ Gary was the middle of the five children and was Kathy’s hero according to her Instagram post of influential loved ones.

Finally, the case is closed

While her sister is battling cancer, Griffin was facing an issue over a controversial picture but it seems to have blown over now. A few months ago, Griffin posted behind the scenes pictures with photographer Tyler Shields on her Twitter account with a caption “ …a blood coming out of his eyes….wherever.’’ In this disturbing picture, she’s holding fake bloody head that resembled US President Trump.

Because of this Kathy Griffin was tossed out of CNN New Year’s Eve Show, where she happily co-hosted with Anderson Cooper.

Griffin has long been a frank Trump critic but she was under federal investigation this time. She sincerely apologizes, admitted her mistakes and admitted she’s wrong.

Five days ago, in her Instagram post, she confirmed that the investigation was finished and finally, she has been completely exonerated.