Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have been making waves as they turned out to be one of the newest couples in the celebrity world. The Weeknd, also known as Abel Tesfaye, was previously in a relationship with model Bella Hadid, and his new love affair with the "Can't Keep My Hands To Myself" singer was pretty controversialsince the very start, because of his ex-girlfriend. According to reports, the Victoria's Secret model was blindsided with the blooming romance of the former Disney star and her ex-boyfriend. That said, friends of Bella Hadid began taking shots at the "Kill 'Em With Kindness" singer, which apparently did not go unnoticed by fans of Selena Gomez.

With so many controversies surrounding the relationship, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd fans can't help but wonder if the said romance will last, and if so, for how long. The couple went all cute and packed on some serious public display of affection during Coachella 2017, which solidified their status as a couple. However, the "Same Old Love" singer recently released a new single entitled "bad liar," rousing speculations that it might have something to do with her relationship with her new beau.

Is The Weeknd a 'Bad Liar?'

Selena Gomez has been known to belt out songs that either have an impact on her or convey a significant message, pertaining to either her personal life or her views on some issues.

This is the main reason why her fans are worried that she and The Weeknd might be going through some slight turbulence in their relationship. According to reports, unidentified sources revealed that Bella Hadid is still reaching out to The Weekend by sending him text messages. This has reportedly caused a strain in the new relationship and is suspected to be the cause of their fights and disagreements.

However, this report must be taken with a grain of salt: as of writing, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd breakup news and speculations remain to be confirmed by reps for both parties. On the bright side, the "Bad Liar" single is doing good in the charts and is predicted to be a worldwide hit, just like the "Revival" album.

Selena still undergoing treatment for lupus

On another note, a photo of the former Disney darling went under fire when bashers noticed that she was wearing a hospital bracelet paired with a bare, no makeup face. The photo was reportedly posted by the Instagram queen to promote her single, but critics immediately noticed the hospital bracelet. Petra Collins, the photographer for the shoot, came to the singer's defense, saying that she actually went straight to the photoshoot from the hospital to be treated for lupus.