There is some potentially exciting news for “Big Brother 18” fans who have been following the showmances-turned-romances from last summer, as it looks like nicole franzel and Corey Brooks are together again. The two, dubbed “Nicorey” by their fans, are off on a cruise together this time, but they are keeping it pretty quiet on social media. However, pictures showing the two on the cruise together are emerging from others and this definitely has “BB18” folks buzzing.

Brooks and Franzel haven't been together for a bit

The last that Nicorey fans saw Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel together was heading into New Year's Eve when she visited him in Texas for a few days.

Prior to that, they had made several trips to spend time together, but these “Big Brother 18” stars were always careful to avoid saying anything specific about the state of their relationship. Dedicated supporters felt certain that they were dating and doing well, but there have been plenty of skeptics following these two as well.

There had been a lot of talk after the “Big Brother 18” finale about Corey and Nicole taking a tropical vacation together, so learning that Brooks and Franzel are on a cruise together doesn't come completely out of left field. What has struck many as rather unusual, however, is the fact that the two have not shared anything about being together on the trip via social media.

The pair's social media activity has generated buzz

BB18 winner Nicole does typically do less posting on social media than Corey, so seeing nothing from her isn't necessarily a major surprise. As for Brooks, he posted a picture on Instagram of just himself at the beach in Cozumel on Wednesday and there was no hint of Franzel being connected to this one.

He is typically very active on social media, posting frequently when he's with friends or family, so it did not take Nicorey fans long to piece together that he's on this cruise with Nicole and a few posts swirling around have confirmed that this is the case.

While Nicole and Corey are keeping things pretty quiet regarding this trip, some pictures of the two together on the cruise have emerged via others.

Franzel did post a photo on Instagram showing her on the beach in Mexico, but it is similar to the recent post from Brooks in that she shows only herself and doesn't reference her traveling companion.

Is there still a future for Nicorey as a couple?

There have been plenty of rumors swirling about Nicorey and the state of things, with no confirmation, either positive or negative, coming from either Nicole or Corey. Will this cruise give the two "Big Brother 18" stars a chance to reconnect and stick together as a couple going forward, or are they just on the trip as friends? Will Franzel and Brooks share additional social media posts showing the two of them together or keep things vague as they have been?

There have been plenty of “Big Brother 18” fans who have voiced their opinions on the Nicorey situation on social media, and despite plenty of criticism and rumors, the duo still has a strong fan base that would love to see the two of them together. Do you think that things are going well for Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks as a romantic duo, or have things changed for the duo in the past month or so as some “BB18” viewers suspect?