During the recent episode of "Alaskan Bush People," it was revealed that Ami Brown has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. The news keeps getting worse as it was also revealed that it looks as if her cancer might be beyond the control of medication. In a recent episode, the Brown Family was featured arriving at the center of Discovery's "Alaskan Bush People" and it was then that they found out the bad news about the health of the family's matriarch.

Lung cancer diagnosis

"Alaskan Bush People" is a reality program which viewers have followed from day one.

However, much of their surprise came when the series revealed Ami's terrible health condition. The series fans were also saddened after learning that Ami's condition could be incurable. It was revealed that her lung cancer condition has gone beyond the curable stage.

In one of the Facebook posts by "Alaskan Bush People Exposed," a recent photo was posted as it featured Ami sitting in a wheel chair. According to Pop Culture, most of their fans were quick to give comments about the photo and most of them were also saddened over her recent situation. They were also seeking more updates about Ami's health and the status of her treatment. Meanwhile, the Facebook page admin was reported to have responded to the fans' requests and it was revealed that her lung cancer has already spread widely through her body.

Tumors are inoperable

More reports have shared that Ami's lung cancer is already inoperable and incurable. It was confirmed that cancer cells have already advanced to stage 4. Meanwhile, it was also learned that her treatment is focused on treating her symptoms while at the same time prolonging her life.

Most lung cancer patients have between five to ten percent survival rates when their cancer has reached stage 4.

According to the Cancer Treatment Center of America (CTCA), cancer patients can be treated with chemotherapy sessions and immunotherapies. However, it was reported that those procedures will do nothing to slowdown the spread of cancer cells in Ami's body.

Given the stage of her cancer, Ami appears to be very weak lately.

During the time when the diagnosis was revealed, Ami was also seen to be in a lot of pain and she revealed that she could no longer take the pain. In one of their recent photos, Ami was seen in a mall together with Billy and their son Gabe. Billy has been trying to remain strong for his wife and the entire family.