The second season of "Riverdale” may be a long way off though most have started their speculations on where the TV series will kick off. “Fred Andrews” (Luke Perry) got shot, bloodied and left at the hands of his son “Archie” (KJ Apa) at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe.

Many are now wondering what lies ahead for “Fred Andrews.” Luke Perry has not been confirmed to return so there is a possibility that his character could be killed off. But then again, “Archie’s” dad has been a prominent figure so it may draw a howl from the community.

'A Kiss Before Dying' analogy

Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed that work has begun on Season 2 of “Riverdale” and revealed the title for the first episode, “A Kiss Before Dying.” The first thing that comes to mind is “Fred Andrews” who could easily die from that season finale scene. However, that seems a bit too easy.

Despite the uncertainty regarding the return of Luke Perry, kicking off things with his demise may be a bit offbeat. If the title is to be taken straight-forward, he could die in “Archie’s” arms when the first rolls out.

A possibility is seeing “Fred Andrews” fall into a coma, a potential delaying tactic to figure out just what showrunners have planned for Luke Perry. With his dad in that state, the “darker Archie” comments made by Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes)could be tied up to that.

The same holds true if Perry’s character is killed off.

Other characters who could be killed off

With the probability of seeing “Fred Andrews” being killed debated, there are other angles to consider in season 2 of “Riverdale.” There is the curious case of “Cheryl Blossom” (Madelaine Petsch) who had a dark transformation herself.

Remember how she burned down Thornhill?

Polly Cooper” (Tiera Skovbye) could be a candidate as well. Due to give birth, she could be killed off once it is time to give birth – a line that seems almost common in most shows. It seems farfetched but nevertheless possible.

The TV show is different from the comic book

Despite the backlash from longtime “Archie” fans, most may have to be reminded that the TV series is trying to change the script a bit and establish its own from the fabled comic book series.

“Riverdale” carries some twists made popular from series like “Pretty Little Liars” or even “Twin Peaks.”

Hence, killing a character in the cast is not that easy, so the best bet is seeing inserted strange characters as the logical bet. “Cheryl Blossom” is a possibility, so with “Polly Cooper” or even the Kellers.

Expect more leaks in the following months until “Riverdale” season 2 is ready for another run. The show is expected to be kicked off by CW in the Fall.