The first season of the hit TV series “Riverdale” ended on a huge cliffhanger. In fact, it ended with several cliffhangers, leaving fans wondering for a good few months.

Is Archie's father dead?

Riverdale’s” first season finale ended with the well-loved father, Freddy Andrews (Luke Perry) shot in Pop’s Choklit Shoppe. It was truly a shock, especially since everybody knew Pop Tate’s is the safest place in Riverdale. After Freddy Andrews was shot, the screen faded to black. Months later, fans get a quick preview and teaser of the opening scene for Season 2, Episode 1.

In the trailer, fans see Archie Andrews rushing his dad to the hospital. Betty, Veronica, and Jughead followed. However, season 1 finale also left fans with huge mysteries and questions.

What will happen to ‘Bughead’?

More importantly, it left fans wondering what will become of Jughead and Betty’s relationship. During the season finale, it seemed like both were ready to take their relationship to the next level. That is until the Southside Serpents appeared in old FP Jones’ trailer and welcomed Jughead to their group. Jughead put on his Southside Serpents leather jacket while Betty looked from the other side of the door.

It did seem like this new revelation will cause some problems for the couple.

Recent reports say that Betty will be the focal point of the show’s latest mystery when “Riverdale” Season 2 returns this fall.

No more dark Betty

In a recent interview, actress Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper on “Riverdale”) said that her character would break. Reinhart explained that Betty would become entangled in something that causes her to break.

In an interview with Comicbook, Reinhart said that the dark version of Betty will not return anymore. However, her character will get darker in the second season. She also revealed that her character will be a very big focal point of a mystery that will be introduced in the second season. This mystery will take a toll on her, similar to what happened with Cheryl Blossom from the first season.

Her sweet and gentle persona will be pushed to the limits.

Cheryl, the other half of the Blossom twins, live in a perfect life: Beauty, popularity, and money. However, after finding out that her father was the killer of her brother, things turned out differently for her and her mother.

If the story of Betty in the second season will be similar to Cheryl’s, does that mean that someone will die in her family too?